Go Green Printing Advantage

Now you know about many of the environmental reasons to go with green printing for your next door hanger or pocket folder; but there is another angle to consider. Using green printing, whether you advertise it with the FSC-certified logo printed on your job or simply advertising your decision on your website, can have a serious positive public relations impact. 

As a non-profit organization, wouldn't it be important for you to demonstrate your concern for the world at large? Wouldn't it be foolish to decimate a forest, leak toxic chemicals into the rivers and earth while trying to create enthusiasm and donations for your cause? Doesn't that seem a bit hypocritical?

By choosing the go green advantage, you can have just the opposite - a public relations windfall. Using FSC-certified papers and digital printing will help your organization, non-profit or otherwise, walk the walk. Your audience will feel good about the fact that you are protecting the forests, rivers, ponds and air each time you pass out a flyer or business card or donor envelope

Not only will you be demonstrating your concern over the future but you will be setting the example for your peers and your audience. You will be modeling a positive behavior which you can encourage them to hopefully follow. When they ask you how you managed to print green or where to get green printing, you will be able to provide them with the resources for their own high-quality, full-color, affordable printing needs. 

Print responsibly. Print green. Print just enough, just what you need. Choose the go green printing advantage here.